A New To-Do List! What I’m Working on this Week!

Last week I shared a pretty ambitious to-do list. Even though I probably bit off a more than I could chew, I was still productive.

For starters, I said that I wanted to start creating some videos that were a little less serious and a little more fun. I did that. I made a video called “Just For Fun” (full video below).

Next, I wanted to finish editing and post the video of my interview with Jack Stolz. Check! You can find that down below:

Also, if you want to listen to the podcast episode with Jack Stolz…I got you. Its right here:

Finally, I wanted to finish writing Part Two of my series on the book From Mindfulness to Insight. Also, I wanted to finish editing the video of Part One. Well, this one got partially checked off. I finished writing Part Two and sent it off to The Tattooed Buddha. Hopefully that will be going live soon. I’ll keep you posted. But, I didn’t get to start on the video for Part one. (If you want to read the Part One article you can find it here or if you’d like to listen to the Part One podcast, it’s down below:

With that being said, this week I really want to get the Part One video done and posted.

Also, several weeks ago I interviewed an astoundingly awesome thinker and writer, Eric G. Wilson. Eric is an English Professor at Wake Forest University and the author of a number of incredibly interesting books such as Everyone Loves a Good Train Wreck, Keep it Fake, and, my personal favorite, Against Happiness. He’s also the co-host of a podcast called Belt: A Two Man Memoir. Last month, I had the pleasure of interviewing his podcasting partner, Joel Tauber.

Speaking of which, full video here:

And, full podcast episode here:

A few months back I actually made a video featuring the book Against Happiness, and that opened the doors to meeting Eric and Joel. You can find that video below:

Anyway, I want to start editing the audio of my interview with Eric G. Wilson this week. I won’t promise that I’ll get it done this week but, I plan on putting a dent in it. That’s whats at the top of my to-do list!

If time permits I’d also like to try to add another fun vlog to my to-do list and maybe try to bring some of that new found lightheartedness to a podcast episode, a ‘just for fun’ podcast episode. Sounds like fun anyway, lol. Fingers crossed!

Keep showing up, Keep doing the work, FAIL BOLDLY, and let’s make something meaningful.

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