A poem about waiting…

Abide in the dark my darling, abide.
For just a while longer now, abide.
Though it is bleak
I beg of you, peace, be still, abide
There is a beauty that will beckon you to reach,
But for now you must abide.
Soon you will breach the blackness and you will begin to blossom,
But only if you first abide.

Abide when it is hard dear one, abide.
The winter is harsh, but it is relenting
All I ask is that you abide.
You will find warmth in the waiting, I promise
If you are but willing to abide.
Spring is nearing , I can feel it,
Not much longer now, abide.
You are scared, and small, and lonely
But I am with you always
Together we can abide

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