Filming/Recording in Progress…

So a while ago I received a book to review.

The book is called The Lotus and the Rose: A Conversation Between Tibetan Buddhism and Mystical Christianity. The book is a series of transcribed conversations between Lama Tsomo, an American lama in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and Matthew Fox, a former Roman Catholic priest.

Lama Tsomo is not only a teacher and author, she is also the co-founder of the Namchak Foundation and the Namchak Retreat Ranch. Matthew Fox, as we stated previously , is a former catholic priest within the Dominican order. He became an Episcopal Priest after being expelled from the Dominican Order for “disobedience”.

Fox seemed to have ruffled a lot of feathers with the Roman Catholic Church because of his theological stances that run counter to the Church’s and because of his refusal accept and promote stances on certain issues advanced by the Church. Thus, Fox was ultimately dismissed. He sounds like my kind of guy.

If you’re kind of a religious studies nerd like I am, then this book will probably spark your interest. I’m currently working on a podcast episode and an accompanying YouTube about this book.

So stay tuned for that!

Keep showing up, keep doing the work, fail boldly, and let’s make something meaningful!

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