Ingenuity comes from failing…

a hand holding a lighbuld, a blurred road and landscape in the background

“New ideas do not just fall from the sky. They are born from…endlessly turning over the open questions, trying all roads to a solution, then again trying all the roads to a solution-and then trying all those roads again. Until there, where we least expected it, we discover a gap, a fissure, a way through.”

Carlo Rovelli, There Are Places in the World Where Rules Are Less Important Than Kindness

Ingenuity comes from failing.

Failing much.

Failing often.

From adjusting, and moving further. Sometimes forward. Frequently back. A little to the left. A little to the otherside.

Failing more.

Failing better.

A thesis meets it’s antithesis becomes a synthesis and starts again. Creation, destruction, and reclamation. Between Being, Becoming, and transformation. Ruin, and wreckage, and change.

Where even our smallness can reach deeply into the vastness of where destiny still swings

Every work is a work that fails and falls short, is flailing and infirmed. Crooked and misshapen. It is the art of failure perfected.

We make a way. We make a path. An opening that wasn’t there before. One we hadn’t seen.

Something beautiful, something broken, something true.

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