Meditation and Creativity…

Meditation and Creativity

Hey friends!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the influx of recent blog posts. I hope that you’ve been enjoying the slight shift in format. I’ve really been enjoying posting with more frequency. I’m planning to do my very best to keep it up. To do that, I’ve been experimenting a bit with my blogging approach or methodology.

I’ve been writing shorter, more ‘stream of thought’ kind of blogs, a kind of shared or public notebook of random thoughts, that maybe will be further developed in future content creation.

With that being said, one of thing that I’m becoming increasingly interested in is the intersection and overlap of meditation and creativity.

I think that these two activities have much in common, and share many of the same qualities and attributes.

I think that both meditation and creativity require us to be fully present, to be attentively absorbed in the present moment but, this attentive absorption and awareness comes with the realization and recognition that the present moment is rife with possibility and potentiality.

Each endeavor pulls us into the flow of reality, confronting us with ‘what-is’ but also with what is ‘to-come’, with what is ‘not-yet’.

In the latest episode of my podcast we try to talk about creativity.

You can find it here:—Lets-Talk-About-Creativity-e3njmd

Or you can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and everywhere you get Podcasts!

Keep showing up, keep doing the work, fail boldly, and let’s make something meaningful!

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