New Podcast – “Book Review?”

I’ve made two previous attempts at a book review. I think I faltered in both attempts because I’m not sure that I ever offered a real “review” of either book. I shared some thoughts. I pointed out a few things I liked about each of the books, and highlighted some things that I didn’t, but nothing that I feel qualifies as an explicit review. I think what I actually did was share my experience of reading the book as I was reading it. At the time that seemed like a defect in my approach, a glitch in my process,  it maybe it’s not a fault at all. Maybe it’s really a feature. 

I received another book to review from Speakeasy called Learning to Be: Finding Your Center After the Bottom Falls Out by Juanita Campbell Rasmus.  I won’t lie, so far, I’m unimpressed. I’m a few chapters in and I have been largely unmoved. But, I’m refraining from falling into the trap of frivolously referring to the book as “bad” because who knows what part of myself I’ll meet along the way of reading it. I suppose we’ll find out together.

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