Obedience to the work…

I’m obsessively fascinated by and with creativity. There’s just something so mysterious about it. I’ve devoted so much time to pondering it and thinking about it and reading about it and practicing it…but I still don’t think I’m any closer to understanding it. And actually…I think that’s what I love the most about it.

I think that being involved in some kind of artistic endeavor, or participating in some form of creative practice means coming to the realization that you are more of a conduit than a ‘creator’.

Creating is never creation ex nihilo, it’s never creation from nothing, it’s never out of nothing. I think there’s always something teeming just below the surface, just out of sight. Even ‘nothingness’ isn’t ‘nothing’. Nothingness isn’t a vacuous void of utter absence. It is empty of essence but it is permeating with presence. Nothingness is an emptiness pregnant with ‘everything’. It is the raw possibility and potentiality percolating within every present moment.

In this regard, I think that ‘creating’ is more about facilitation than it is about fabrication. It’s more about opening a door and stepping out of the way.

In the newest episode of my podcast we try to talk about creativity and the creative process.

You can listen here: https://bit.ly/2Gidun2

Or you can get it on iTunes, Spotify, stitcher, and wherever else you get Podcasts.

Keep showing up, keep doing the work, fail boldly, and let’s make something meaningful!

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