What if we tried?

what if

What if we saw the mutual reciprocity that resides between the heavens and our hearts? And, what if we tried?

It’s subtle at first but so unavoidably apparent once we stop long enough to look closely.

What if we recognized that the energy igniting the truth that burns in the depths of who we are, is the same force and fire that lights the stars?

It isn’t hard to see if we just pay attention.

What if we pulled our heart-strings taunt across the sanctity of the safe place at our center and sang out long and hard?

It’s only hard at first, and it gets easier every time.

What if when we stop withholding, the universe stops withholding too?

It’s most often the things that we hold in that end up holding us back.

What if we, ourselves, are that part of the cosmos that expresses it’s deepest truths?

After all, Carl Sagan said that “we are made of star stuff”, and it is true.

What if every doubt, every question, every apprehension that wonders at the premise: “what if I can’t?”, simultaneously opens us up to the possibility of “What if I can?”

Luminous joy is just as likely as catastrophic dark, and the dark doesn’t last forever. The light always returns to carry us home.

What if we go all in on everything we do?

We will be more doggedly haunted by the things we failed to do, than by the things we failed at.

What if we open our hearts dangerously wide, so wide and so uncomfortably open that it scares the shit out of us?

What if it breaks us? But, more importantly, “what if” it doesn’t?…

What if we tried?

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